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Our Promise To You: Quality, Consistency and Service - Always!
Phoenix Cannabis Company (aka Silica Phoenix) is a family-owned Tier 3 Producer/Processor located in Olympia, Washington. We are dedicated to creating superior products that taste amazing and smoke great! Our family has called the Pacific NW home for generations and we pride ourselves in caring for the land and the people that call it home. As a local company, we are committed to and concerned for the health of not only of ourselves, but that of our customers. We use organic farming methods sustainably, and organic gluten free ingredients for our edibles.
We only use organic farming methods. Organic farming has long had the reputation of better quality products, but it’s not just that it tastes better, it’s better for you. Everything we produce utilizes the full spectrum of light which can only be produced by the sun. While we use supplemental lighting, especially in the winter months, all of our plants receive the full spectrum of the sun throughout the changing seasons. This ensures we see the full capabilities of each strain throughout each environmental change, thus selecting only the best flowers to be brought forward each season.
Our flower is grown hydroponically in greenhouses year round with OMRI listed nutrients. The materials used for the production of our edibles and RSO concentrates are grown outdoors in organic only, 100% pesticide free beds. The plants get whatever mother nature throws at them and nothing else!
All pesticides used at our facility are certified organic and OMRI listed. That being said, we strongly believe in keeping the amount of pesticides used to a minimum and are only applied when absolutely necessary to our greenhouses only. We also believe in the use of beneficial bugs and beneficial bacteria that is found in nature and is healthy to the human body. We DO NOT source materials from other companies! By only using plants that we have grown from seed to sale, we have complete control over every aspect of how that plant is grown and treated during the entire process.

Phoenix Pesticide Disclosure Report