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Ketura Cannabis Company

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Ketura Cannabis Company, was introduced to the legal cannabis market in late 2017. Although relatively new to the market, they came in with a bang and Grease Monkey, Grape Cheese, and Primus have become instant favorites!! Their product is consistent, high quality, and clean. With over 45 years of combined cultivation experience, excellence and quality is a top priority and it shows. Beautiful black and gold packaging is only topped by the showy bud inside. Ketura is an indoor grow, with pressurized rooms and pesticide free.

Ketura Pesticide Disclosure Statement

Their website is currently under construction but you can find them on Instagram



"Grape Cheese is a well-rounded, tasty hybrid and one of the best sellers! A heavy body high, with mental relaxation." - Tasha
"Grease Monkey nugs look like they've been dipped in kief!" - Tanner
"Ketura is the newest of what some call 'Elegant Cannabis,' very attractive, very effective and with a sleek black label design, it stands out on several platforms." - Dallas
"Best New Farm! Grape Cheese & Primus are indica dom and a powerful, chronic stone." - Christy