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Joint Venture

Joint Venture Logo 20171118 120241 1 20171118 120337 Blueberry Trainwreck Clear Trichomes Cloudy Trichomes Critical Mass Cbd Unknown1 Unknown10 Unknown11 Unknown12 Unknown2 Unknown3 Unknown4 Unknown5 Unknown6 Unknown7 Unknown8 Unknown9 7 Color Cannabis Tighter Enigma Still Not A Fan Of The Long Leaf Yellow Look Trim Pic

Joint Venture is a tier 3, family owned and operated producer/processor using  organic live soil in four insulated greenhouses. Located in Medical Lake, Washington they are the exclusive growers of three Hawaiian strains:  Puna Butter, Puna Haze and Puna Punch.    

Joint Venture joined our 420 Friendly Family in June 2017 and our crew quickly fell in love with their diverse, clean green and tasty strains.

"WIDE variety of inventive, tasty strains brought to you by a quality clean-green farm!"  Tasha
"All organic flower and prerolls.  Blueberry Trainwreck is always a customer favorite.  Relaxing & Inspiring!"  Christy
"This farm is probably one of my favorites. I really like how this farm grows all organic cannabis.  Meaning all live soil and no use of pesticides.  Their weed is phenomenal! I really enjoy all of their strains, but the one I enjoy the most would be their Enigma. Maybe because the first time I tried it I was a rookie smoker and it got me super high but at a comforting level, like if I was on a cloud type high."  Eddie