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Exotic Farms

Exotic Farms Quality Cannabis

Exotic Farms is a Tier 2 Producer/Processor located north of Spokane in Ford, Washington. With their roots in medical it was a natural transition to the recreational market in 2014. All of their quality indoor flower is grown in a Co Cos mix with perlite. Using only top of the line nutrients and organic pesticides for maintenance, they have it dialed in for top notch cannabis!

Over the last year they have been working on expanding their operation with a new building adding 10 new flower rooms! We are excited to see what will be growing this year!

Exotic Farms Pesticide Disclosure Statement

"Double Blue Dream - a great strain that is always smooth and uplifting. Fun and social!" - Christy
"Willys - a wonderful blueberry pheno that is sure to put your mind and body at ease." - Tanner
"Every strain I've tried from them has been unique and tasty! From Blue Bird to Willys and Double Dream, you can expect a satisfying adventurous high." - Tasha