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Artizen, their name says it all!  Located in Western Washington, this Tier 3; indoor, state of the art facility, is the third largest producer/processer in the state.   But don't let their size fool you!  This farm produces handcrafted quality cannabis, that you can count on being consistent each time you try it. 

Their solid genetics have received a number of awards including:

-Blue Dream: 2015 Leafly Best Blue Dream in the state 

-Dutchberry: 2016 Dope Cup People's Choice Award & 2017 Terpestival Judge's Choice

-Space Queen: 2017 Terpestival Winner in Ocimene category 

-Star Dawg: 2017 Terpestival Finalist in Caryophyllene and Humulene categories 

Each plant is lovingly hand watered, given only organic nutrients, flushed for 10 days before harvest, naturally cured and hand trimmed. From the first day we introduced Artizen in our store it has been a favorite!  Loved by Budtenders and Customers alike.

"Sweet and flavorful, the Dutch Berry is a crowd favorite." - Jordan
"Fire every time, with unique strains that are both tasty and potent. Some of the most dense flower you will find in the shop." - Dylan
"Great looking bud with wonderful tasting strains! Tight, crystal-coated buds.  Dutch Berry offers a great taste while Space Queen a nice, even keeled high!" - Tasha
"I'm never worried when buying something new from Artizen, this farm understands the importance of consistency." - Dallas
"A beautiful example of quality growing.  Gorgeous to the eye and stimulating to the senses.  Smells of sweet berries with hints of lemon & lime.  A euphoric/dreamy high, Dutch Berry is sure not to disappoint." - Tanner