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Purple Unicorn 3.5g

  • Product Type: Flower
  • Flower Type: Indica Hybrid
  • Supplier: Cordus
  • Brand: Kiona
  • Strain: Purple Unicorn
  • Price: $30.00
  • Test Results: THC: 13.95%
This one-of-a-kind purple from our friends at Bodhi Seeds has developed some mystique among aficionados as being perhaps the most powerful purple ever bred. An indica-dominant hybrid, she’s a descendant of the exceptional Chemdog D and another powerful indica-leaner, Blackberry Widow. These lofty origins promise lasting, velvety relaxation and profound release from pressures and pain. Those outside Santa Cruz who have heard tell of her effusive floral musk, gorgeous purple varigation, and mile-deep effects can now experience how distinctly, intensely and reliably euphoric she is. The towering terpenes of our veganically cultivated Unicorn are very real indeed!