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Mary Chino Cherry 1g

  • Product Type: Flower
  • Flower Type: Indica Hybrid
  • Supplier: Washington's Best Inc
  • Strain: Mary Chino Cherry
  • Price: $9.00
  • Test Results: THC: 24.7% / CBD: 0.1%
Mary Chino Cherry, is a cross between Cherry Pie and Orange Tahoe. This indicia dominant strain is a terpene lovers delight. The first hit gave my taste buds a flood of flavor, with a strong, orangey citrus inhale, yet a distinctly cherry aftertaste. I felt the effects in my head immediately, and relaxed as the high settled into my body. With a pungent mix of fuel and citrus, sticky and resinous, Mary has a pleasantly calming, sedative effect thats perfect for the indica lover in your store.