Full Spectrum vs Isolate

Full Spectrum vs Isolate

by Deanna Henderson

A common belief that “Pure CBD” or CBD isolate packs the most potent punch in terms of cannabis therapy and relief, and that would make sense, right? If we know that CBD is primarily the active compound in the plant that provides healthful benefits and relief, wouldn’t it make sense to make a 100% product out of an isolated cannabinoid?

Well, not necessarily, please read on…

To completely grasp the whole plant or full-spectrum cannabis benefits, you should have an understanding of the concept of the “entourage effect”. This is the coming together of all of the plant’s compounds to create a full and complex product infused naturally. The cannabis plant can produce 80 cannabinoids along with a bouquet of terpenes and flavonoids in various combinations that work synergistically to reveal the plant’s unique therapeutic and relieving qualities.

CBD has plenty of relief potential on its own, but research has shown that when combined with the rest of the plant’s components that make it a full and complex product, rather than an isolated cannabinoid.

At Henderson Distribution, Inc., our Kronic Tonic Tincture is naturally infused using the entire cannabis flower. It is never heated above 160 degrees, so the “true terpenes” are maintained without extracting them and then putting them back in. We don’t believe in genetically modified food, why would we alter the properties of this amazing plant from its truest form? The natural benefits you will receive from our unadulterated products are simple and pure.

We do not use artificial colors or flavors and our tincture is Soy Free, Gluten Free and GMO Free, just like nature intended it to be. With that being said, can you taste the cannabis? Yes, of course you can and it is a wonderful reminder that this is a whole plant product that will provide you with a “Full-Spectrum” of benefits to:

“Unwind Your Way Discreetly”