Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are there daily specials or discounts on special days of the week?

We believe in giving our customers the best price every day of the week. We do frequently have daily specials on individual items a current list of which will be on our special board in the store.

2) Do you offer a veteran's discount?

First, many thank you for your service! Veteran's are near and dear to our hearts as we have many friends and family military men and women who have or are serving this great county. We do offer a 10% discount on most of our products (sale items and specials do not qualify for discount) to our valued veteran customers.

3) Do you offer pure CBD topicals?

We do not offer "pure CBD topicals" - all of our topicals will contain both CBD and THC as we believe that the combination provides the best product for our customers. Additionally, we ONLY carry topicals that are FULL plant extractions, to learn more about the entourage effect visit Full Spectrum vs Isolate as it pertains not just to tincture but also to topicals.

4) Why can't you sell blunts/spliff's with tobacco?

When I502 was passed it allowed for the sale of cannabis and paraphernalia. As tobacco does not fall into the category of cannabis it is not allowed to be sold in a retail store that is licensed to sell marijuana. We are also not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages that are infused with cannabis for the same reason.

5) Do you have to be medically certified to work at 4:20 Friendly?

No, you do not.

6) Do you accept ID cards from out of state?

Welcome to Washington State! Yes, we do accept out of state ID that shows you are at least 21 years of age. If you are visiting us from out of the country please also have a passport when you visit us.

7) What holidays are you open/closed?

We operate our normal business hours on all holidays with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas, these are the only two days of the year that we close so that our amazing staff can spend time with their families.

8) Can I return a product that I didn't like?

While we truly wish that you will love every product we carry, we know that this just isn't possible. Our extremely knowledgeable Budtenders do their best to provide you with the products they feel you will most enjoy and are happy to spend time with you finding the right fit. However, we are not able to take returns unless the product is defective (by Washington State Law).

9) Are all of your products pesticide tested?

There is no requirement in Washington State to have products tested for pesticide use. Many of our Producer/Processor Partners do so on their own accord and others do not. Please visit our Cannabis Partners page to learn about growing practices, pesticide disclosure information and see some awesome pictures of their facilities.

10) How do you get a medical card?

In order to get a medical card you must get a "Medical Authorization Form" from your medical provider. When you have received your form, simply bring it to us, along with the $1 fee required by the Department of Health and we will enter you in the Medical Marijuana System and as a patient.